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emacs hebrew script bidi nikud rendering bugs

From: Mark David
Subject: emacs hebrew script bidi nikud rendering bugs
Date: Fri, 06 Nov 2015 11:36:08 -0800
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I want to report and maybe fix bugs in rendering Hebrew script, particularly 
with diacritics (nikud). It only partially works in environments I'm using 
(Ubunutu, Emacs 25.x).  (Hebrew without diacritics, used for everyday Hebrew 
language writing, is evidently functioning well.)  Is there a mailing list best 
suited for that?  Is there a separate development team for that kind of thing?  
Where would I report, say, inability to correctly render a sequence of Hebrew 
base character and diacritic like this

Unicode Character 'HEBREW LETTER ALEF' (U+05D0)

Unicode Character 'HEBREW POINT QAMATS' (U+05B8)

(with a given font, window system, OS, "multlingual environment" setting, etc.)?



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