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Re: ELPA policy

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: ELPA policy
Date: Mon, 09 Nov 2015 20:53:33 +0100
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> Moving out a few large packages that are developed outside Emacs
> anyway is a no-brainer, provided that their developers agree.  I
> already said I'll probably agree, and no one else objected.  The only
> question is what is the opinion of the respective developers: we
> cannot move the packages if they disagree.

I'm pretty sure Org would be happy to be distributed this way.  In fact,
we have got the 8.3 release now.  It really *must* be in 25.1, but I think
it would be fine to try out Fabian’s system to allow it to be upgraded
later.  Otherwise, I will hopefully be able to merge it soon the
"copy-paste" way.


However beautiful the theory, you should occasionally look at the evidence

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