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Re: Posting new feature proposals on the wiki?

From: T.V Raman
Subject: Re: Posting new feature proposals on the wiki?
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 09:35:49 -0800

 Hi John,

Just installed yaoddmews -- surprized I had missed its arrival
in the world of Emacs. 

Now I can even find the energy to go edit the Emacspeak page on the
emacs Wiki page that I created so many years ago.  Incidentally  there
are a few Emacs bugs that  are relevant to Emacspeak -- I'll try write
them up there since they tend to have gotten lost on the list --- the
one that  is top-most on my mind is the bug relating to around advice
and the  called-interactively-p (the code in Emacs core has some scary
comments on this issue) (see around line 480 in nadvice.el I'll cite
it below for context). At present, Emacspeak implements a working (at
least works for emacspeak) test called ems-interactive-p --- but in
the interest of long-term sanity, I'd love to get rid of that and use
something from Emacs core.

;; When code is advised, called-interactively-p needs to be taught to skip
;; the advising frames.
;; FIXME: This Major Ugly Hack won't handle calls to called-interactively-p
;; done from the advised function if the deepest advice is an around advice!
;; In other cases (calls from an advice or calls from the advised function when
;; the deepest advice is not an around advice), it should hopefully get
;; it right.


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