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Re: JSON mode

From: Simen Heggestøyl
Subject: Re: JSON mode
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 21:01:00 +0100

Hello again!

With #21616 and #21798 installed, json.el is now instrumented to make
the new json-mode.el able to reach feature parity with Josh's.

The latest version can be found at:
http://folk.uio.no/simenheg/json-mode.el. It requires at least version
1e363a8e of Emacs to fully work.

Now the question on where to put the new json-mode.el remains.

I've tried to summarize what I perceive as the pros (+) and cons (-)
of putting it into ELPA vs. bundling it with Emacs below.

Putting it into ELPA:

+ Updates may reach the users faster.

- json-mode.el will need to support different versions of json.el
  (which is bundled with Emacs).

Bundling it with Emacs:

+ Somehow I feel that a modern text editor should come with support
  for editing JSON data out of the box, though that may be because I
  work in a web development environment. My feeling of this is
  strengthened by the fact that Josh's JSON mode has been downloaded
  from MELPA over 40,000 times.

- The mode is very young, and currently only used by me. Maybe it's
  too early to include it in Emacs, and it should be given a chance to
  ripen at ELPA first.

What do you think?

-- Simen

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