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Re: SMIE implementation for the C-like languages

From: Arthur Evstifeev
Subject: Re: SMIE implementation for the C-like languages
Date: Fri, 13 Nov 2015 15:10:55 +1300

Stefan Monnier writes:

>>>> But it doesn't change behavior of the blinking: for the same if
>>>> construction blinking happens for the "if" token.  Is there a different
>>>> way of altering this behavior?
>>> My guess would be that the default blinking code uses forward-sexp which
>>> goes through forward-sexp-function which SMIE sets up as well.  Try set
>>> this var back to nil in swift-mode buffers, see if that helps.
>> I tried to reset forward-sexp-function and it works when I'm not
>> tokenizing braces. When braces handled in lexer, I'm getting "Mismatched
>> parenthesis" error similar to one of the previous examples.
> I suggest you report this as a bug as well, providing enough details to
> reproduce it.  I don't know if it's indeed a bug or not, but we need to
> investigate in more details.

Sorry for the delay. I will open a new ticket about inconsistencies in
braces behavior and how it results in issue with paren blinking. I
understand that there is no clear solution for this problem at the
moment and will appreciate any improvements. We will try to restructure
our grammar to not threat "{" as neither token in grammars and will see
how it goes. Thanks a lot for the answers!


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