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Hello All!

From: Joakim Jalap
Subject: Hello All!
Date: Wed, 18 Nov 2015 15:40:22 +0100
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I just mailed my copyright assignment papers, so I thought I would drop
by and introduce myself. I've been reading this list now for a few
months, but I haven't dared to post anything. But now I want to start
giving back to the Emacs community and I hope I can contribute at least
something of value.

Anyway, a little about me; I'm a 27 year old programmer from Sweden.
Currently I work in the embedded field. I've been using Emacs since 2007
when my first programming course started with the words "open a file in
Emacs". Now I spend about 85% of my time at the computer in Emacs,
programming, mail, IRC, music... basically everything I can.

What I'd like most in a future Emacs is concurrency and better IDE
features (incidentally the same things our dear maintainer seems to want
:)). I would like to work on the C core someday when I grow up, on
things like threading, GC and such. But the code isn't super easy to
grok, so I'll probably need some hand holding at first :). Right now
I've started looking at the concurrency branch, to see if I can wrap my
head around it.

BTW, I hang out on #emacs on freenode during the days. I nick either
jalle or jockej.

Anyway, I hope nobody minds a noob like myself jumping on board the
mighty Emacs steamer!

Happy hacking :)


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