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Re: End of file while generating loaddefs.el

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: End of file while generating loaddefs.el
Date: Sat, 21 Nov 2015 12:23:52 +0100

> And anyway, what's the problem with the above?  That's what I have
> here, after the problem is solved.  I also see that on GNU/Linux,
> where there was no problem to begin with.

I've put it back.  No problem.

> Why do you think it's this entry that was the cause of the problem?

I compared the emacs-25 loaddefs with those of master and that was the
only significant difference I found.

>> I now have
>> (autoload 'xref-find-backend "xref" "\
>> Run...
>> \(fn)" nil nil)
>> instead and it ran to completion.
> Great!  Although I don't understand what was the problem with that
> spot in your case.  Were there any null bytes, anywhere?

I didn't find any.  Do you still have the snippet that caused problems
in your case?  Maybe I can try to patch it somehow into my file and see
whether the problem reappears.

 In 'autoload-read-section-header' (which was where the "end of file
> during parsing" was coming from the call to 'read'), there's code that
> takes a buffer-substring, and then edits it in a temporary buffer.  I
> made that code print the start and end point of the buffer-substring,
> then looked into the old loaddefs.el near the last position it printed
> before barfing.

How could null bytes possibly get into that file and why did they cause
an end of file exception during parsing?  And why does no one else have
such problems?


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