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multi-assignment setq [was: setq's with missing final arguments.]

From: Drew Adams
Subject: multi-assignment setq [was: setq's with missing final arguments.]
Date: Sun, 22 Nov 2015 07:53:52 -0800 (PST)

> In my opinion, multi-variable setq should be deprecated altogether.

(This is a change of topic.  The Subject line should change too.)

Presumably, since `setq' can make multiple assignments to the
same variable, you mean not "multi-variable" but "multi-assignment".

> I'm sure many people will disagree for the reasons of habit,

I disagree completely.  But not out of habit.  In fact, for
years (quite a long time, in fact) I avoided it, in favor of
multiple `setq' calls.  If necessary, I can give the reasons
why I now prefer to use a single `setq' with multiple assignments.

> but multi-variable setq is just plain bad: it makes LISP less
> lispy that it should be. For example: "(setq bar)" is a nice
> sexp: you can delete it, copy it, comment it, move it around

That quality is not what I consider "lispiness".  That same
complaint applies to `let*' and a zillion other Lisp veterans.

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