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RE: Q: text-quoting-style -- is its value a string or a symbol?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Q: text-quoting-style -- is its value a string or a symbol?
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 2015 18:18:21 -0800 (PST)

> > Reading the online documentation for text-quoting-style --- it's hard
> > to tell if the expected value is a string or a symbol.
> A symbol.
> In (info "(elisp) Keys in Documentation"):
>    To use the traditional `grave' style, put the line `(setq
>    text-quoting-style 'grave)' into your `~/.emacs' file.

1. Why is this in the node that is about "Substituting Key
   Bindings in Documentation"?  IIUC, this variable is not
   about that topic.  Just because you might make use of this
   variable in the implementation of `substitute-command-keys',
   that is no reason to document it here.

2. What does this mean?

   "the style used to generate text quotes."

   Generate text quotes?  What are "text quotes"?  What
   generates them?  This means nothing, to me.

   And the doc string says something quite different, but
   just as incomprehensible:

   "Style to use for single quotes when generating text."

   Generating text or generating "text quotes" (whatever
   they might be)?  And what or who does this generating?
   And when?  And where is does the generated result
   (whatever it might be) end up?

   The doc for this variable is quite unclear.

3. Why is this not a _user option_, instead of an internal
   variable?  Doesn't it affect what a user sees?  Judging
   by the instructions for a user about how to change the
   behavior, it seems to be something a user can use, to
   change how quoted thingies (whatever the thingies might
   be) are quoted.

   If it should be a user option, please make it so.
   And then please document it in the _Emacs_ manual.  And
   then change the instructions for modifying the behavior
   to mention using Customize, instead of telling users
   to put (setq ...) in their init files.

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