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Re: When do we merge the commits from emacs-25 onto master?

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: When do we merge the commits from emacs-25 onto master?
Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 22:32:37 -0800
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David Engster wrote:
So in the end, you have ChangeLog.2 and ChangeLog.3 in master which are
tracking changes from different branches in parallel, i.e., for the same
time span. Isn't that a problem?

Only in explaining it.  :-)

ChangeLog entries' time stamps are not necessarily in time order even now. For example, master's ChangeLog.2 currently lists two 2015-11-06 patches by Dmitry Gutov before it lists a 2015-11-08 patch by me, so it's not strictly in reverse time order as one might naively expect. This is a natural consequence of how Git works.

Similarly, as far as ChangeLog files are concerned we can consider the master branch's patches to be "after" emacs-25's patches logically, even if they're not after emacs-25's patches temporally (or in Git's order, for that matter). People who care more about temporal order, or about Git's order, can look at the timestamps (and/or at the Git log). People who care about what's in Emacs 25.0 versus 25.1 can look in ChangeLog.2 versus ChangeLog.3.

Perhaps we should rename ChangeLog.2 to ChangeLog.25.0?

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