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Re: Emacs 23.3 stops font-lock when have long face name

From: Wilson Snyder
Subject: Re: Emacs 23.3 stops font-lock when have long face name
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2015 09:13:18 -0500
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> I'm trying to fix a font-lock issue with long face names
> reported against Emacs 23.3, which I've confirmed is fixed
> in Emacs 25.
> This is not affected by font-lock-maximum-size.
> Can anyone please suggest what version this was fixed and
> suggest a workaround for the older Emacsen?
> I would prefer not to rename the long face's name (really
> it's verilog-font-grouping-keywords-face) since that name
> has been stable for several versions of Emacs and may be in
> user's customizations.

A very small tarball showing this issue is at

To run this, using Emacs 24.3 (and 23.3 and probably others but not 25.0),
extract and type ./test.sh

You'll see the first four "new" keywords are highlighted. Later ones are
incorrectly not highlighted.

If you then edit test.el to change
v-font-long-name-here-here-here-here-face to v-font-short-face, which has
an identical definition, you'll see the fontification works correctly.

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