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Re: Questions about isearch

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Questions about isearch
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 2015 01:37:52 -0500

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  > It's a problematic concept for Emacs, which is a multi-lingual
  > environment.  For example, what is the "current language" of the
  > buffer showing this message?

English.  That's what I would select for it.

  > It cannot be US English, since it
  > includes characters not in that language,

Of course it can be.  If I were editing that text, I would
not select Turkish for it.

But if you want to select Turkish for it, you could do that.
The user should be able to select any current language
for a given buffer.

  > We could probably have a text property which will specify the
  > language, but we don't have good means to set such a property.  IOW,
  > where that information would come from?

We don't need anything that fancy for the initial feature.  Just the
ability to select the language for any buffer would be a great start.

Indeed, it would not help you much for etc/HELLO, but so what?
It can be useful for many situations, even if it can't handle
really complex situations any better than now.

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