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Re: First draft of the Emacs website

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: First draft of the Emacs website
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2015 13:36:44 +0100
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Zack Piper <address@hidden> writes:

> On Sun, Nov 29, 2015 at 09:06:42AM +0100, Przemysław Wojnowski wrote:
>> To me it looks great! I'm not an artist, but I like the colors.
>> One thing I would change is the screenshot at the top - the current one
>> is simple like Notepad. IMHO it would be good if it would show more
>> reach/appealing content. Is GIF an option? If so, it would be possible
>> to show some action, like tricks from http://emacsrocks.com, but on
>> code.
> Perhaps a "Before and after configuration" comparison might be good.

What do you have in mind?  Except for the toolbar and the menu bar my
Emacs looks pretty much like the screenshot "after configuration"...

It would be nice to have a "carousel" of "screenshots" (or htmlized
buffers?) displaying e.g. a lisp-mode, C-buffer, Python-mode together with
Python REPL, an Org buffer, message-mode etc.  Or perhaps a section of the
website dedicated to some examples of Emacs modes, like the "Applications
using Guile" on http://gnu.org/software/guile/.


First, thanks for the effort.

When I put the browser in half width (so 960 px) the download buttons flow
into the text and the page generally doesn’t work out.  But probably you
are already aware and it re the "not responsive yet".

I don’t think the sand color used for the release notes works as well as
the other colors.  The charcoal and the purple are very pleasant.


This is the kind of tedious nonsense up with which I will not put

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