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Re: First draft of the Emacs website

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: First draft of the Emacs website
Date: Fri, 04 Dec 2015 00:22:43 -0500

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  > > and that license should be presented in a way that
  > > LibreJS can recognize.

  > Shouldn't LibreJS (a web browser extension, in no way a web standard) be
  > able to recognize GPL files by itself?

The only way it can recognize that certain JS code carries a
particular license is if the pages state the license in a mechanically
recognizable way.

With C and Lisp code, only humans check the licenses on those
programs.  Thus, when I worked out the way to state the GPL on source
files, I did not try to make it mechanically recognizable.  But
LibreJS needs to recognize license notices mechanically, so we need to
state the licenses in a format that is mechanically recognizable.

LibreJS knows about some programs specially.  For instance, it
recognizes many versions of Jquery by checksumming the text.  If you
have a standard version of Jquery that it does not recognize, please
report a bug in LibreJS.

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