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Re: First draft of the Emacs website

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: First draft of the Emacs website
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2015 01:06:44 -0500

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  > > At the end of the day, we do need to refer to the language by its
  > > name, I think, but we could stress that it is a "Python-like"
  > > language, to connect with what people might be more familiar with.

  > Calling elisp "python-like" might be a bit of a stretch :)

Calling Emacs Lisp "python-like" is derogatory to Emacs Lisp.
Python has some of the characteristics that make Lisp superior,
but not all of them.  

Lisp is the most elegant and powerful programming language.  That is
what we should say.  In Lisp, programs are structured data and it is
easy to write other Lisp programs to operate on them.

Programmers that don't know Lisp do not realize what is missing in
other prograamming languages.

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