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Re: Casting as wide a net as possible

From: covici
Subject: Re: Casting as wide a net as possible
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 2015 14:54:50 -0500

hmmm, I might disagree about the debugger -- one problem when I have
tried to use it, is that apparently it has problems interpreting
compiled code -- I am not sure if it should, but it makes it hard to
use.  I am not sure how well documented it is, seemed pretty sparse to
me.  I am glad I have not had to use it too much, emacs has done well
for me for many years.

John Wiegley <address@hidden> wrote:

> >>>>> Drew Adams <address@hidden> writes:
> > My only point is that Lisp features really do make Emacs what it is. To
> > point out what Emacs is necessarily means pointing out some of those
> > features (IMO).
> I agree. The things that make Emacs great:
>   1. Highly consistent syntax.
>   2. Self-documenting.
>   3. Integrated debugger.
>   4. Ability to re-evaluate functions in a running environment.
>      (i.e., everything that made Lisp Machines great)
>   5. Natural syntax for scoping resources (`with-temp-buffer ...')
>   6. Large and well documented API
>   7. Stable and mature concepts evolved over decades
>   8. Huge, HUGE community of cargo-cultable examples, for those just learning
> -- 
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Your life is like a penny.  You're going to lose it.  The question is:
How do
you spend it?

         John Covici

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