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Re: Another iteration on the Emacs website

From: Gregor Zattler
Subject: Re: Another iteration on the Emacs website
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 2015 01:15:15 +0100

Hi Nicolas, Emacs developers,
* Nicolas Petton <address@hidden> [11. Dec. 2015]:
> I made another iteration on the Emacs website, which you can see here:
> http://nicolas-petton.fr/ressources/emacs-website/
> The most visible changes are:


I understand that Nicolas work is mostly concerned with the
design of the official Emacs website and the text is mostly
copied from the current official website.

While the current official website features the string "free"
eight times because it's tightly linked to the FSF ("JOIN THE
FSF", "Free Software Supporter", "Sponsored by the Free Software
Foundation" appear on the top of the page), the new design
features the string "free" four times and the only meaningful
occurrence (the FSF mission statement) is in the bottom quarter
of the page (as is on the current official website).

That said, I'm astonished that the official Emacs website does
not state proudly and prominently[1] that Emacs is one of the
oldest free software projects still in development.[2]

Ciao, Gregor

[1] or is it "proud and prominent"? sorry my English isn' that

[2] The only other projects of similar age which come to
    (my) mind are the X Window System and the TeX familiy of

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