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Re: UP and DOWN with multi-line minibuffer history

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: UP and DOWN with multi-line minibuffer history
Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2015 01:20:49 +0200
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> This new feature is convenient, IMO, but its behavior when going UP is
> somewhat inconsistent: when you get past the first line of a history
> item, you end up in the _first_ line of the previous item, not in its
> _last_ line.  You then get to press DOWN all the way to the last line
> of that.
> I think it would be more consistent, including with how
> line-move-visual behaves in normal buffers, if UP ended up in the last
> line of the previous item.  WDYT?

The initial implementation of this feature was like you described above.
But later I received complaints off-list that convinced me to open
bug#19824 with better implementation to address the inconvenience of
navigating through the multi-line minibuffer history: for backward-compatible
behavior we need every UP in the sequence move to a previous history item.
This can be achieved when UP places the cursor at the top line of a
multi-line history item, ready for going to the next previous item with
successive UP.

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