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Re: reftex.el autoloads

From: Glenn Morris
Subject: Re: reftex.el autoloads
Date: Tue, 15 Dec 2015 14:33:49 -0500
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Phillip Lord wrote:

>>> 2) Just putting the autoloads into loaddefs.el.
>> That's just plain wrong. Please don't do that.
> It may be wrong, but it's not plain. I assumed that there was a reason
> for not doing this. But I still do not understand what that reason is.
> Can you please tell me what is wrong with it, because I cannot figure it
> out?

I don't know if I can explain it well.
Basically, code should be loaded where it needs to be loaded, not at the
global level to work around some perceived problem with the toolchain.

>> to load foo-loadefs.el (which in many cases will be tiny files).
> Yes, some of them are pretty small.

That was the traditional deciding criterion.


The reftex example is surely on the wrong side of that, but as the
commit message says, it was replacing prevous hand-written autoloads
that were in reftex.el.

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