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Re: Status of multicolor fonts?

From: Rüdiger Sonderfeld
Subject: Re: Status of multicolor fonts?
Date: Sat, 19 Dec 2015 09:43:59 +0000
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On Wednesday 16 December 2015 22:14:14 Clément Pit--Claudel wrote:
> Fortunately, support for this was added in Freetype in 2013, so I won't have
> much convincing to do, nor much patch-sending. It's also implemented in
> FontConfig. Plenty of applications compiled for GNU/Linux support it out of
> the box too, such as Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Linux. As for disabling it,
> it's pretty easy: just don't enable it :) That is, just don't install a
> multicolor font.

LibXft does not seem to have support for multicolor fonts though.  There is a 
patch to add initial support:


But it seems this hasn't been merged and I'm not sure if this is actively 
developed.  If this patch (or something similar) gets merged then it seems 
enabling it in GNU Emacs will be as simple as setting the FC_COLOR value for 
fontconfig in xftfont.c.



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