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Re: reftex.el autoloads

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: reftex.el autoloads
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 2015 23:04:57 +0000
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Glenn Morris <address@hidden> writes:

> Phillip Lord wrote:
>> Has anyone got any idea what might be causing this error on hydra?
>> building calendar/cal-loaddefs.el
>>   GEN      calendar/cal-loaddefs.el
>> building calendar/diary-loaddefs.el
>>   GEN      calendar/diary-loaddefs.el
>> Loading macroexp.elc...
>> cal-julian.el:0:0: error: end-of-file: nil
>> make[3]: *** [calendar/diary-loaddefs.el] Error 255
> I've seen that issue twice in my own (non-parallel) daily builds (on Dec
> 4 and 5). I don't know what causes it. It was occurring before your
> change too. But perhaps something has made it happen more frequently,
> since it just happened twice in a row on hydra. There must be some bug
> somewhere in autoload-generate-file-autoloads. Maybe add some debugging
> code so we can see what happens.


>> only way I can test this is by leaving the broken code on master and
>> waiting 24 hours for a hydra build.
> hydra builds aren't daily, they are whenever the system has capacity.
> It checks for new commits every 5 mins (IIUC) and if there are changes
> it does a build. But it is often overloaded.

Is there anyway to replicate the build environment on hydra locally?


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