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Re: emacs-25 build broken?

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: emacs-25 build broken?
Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2015 21:19:16 +0200

> Date: Thu, 24 Dec 2015 19:35:48 +0100
> From: Anders Lindgren <address@hidden>
> Cc: Paul Eggert <address@hidden>, Kaushal Modi <address@hidden>, 
>       emacs-devel <address@hidden>, Angelo Graziosi <address@hidden>
> Normally, I would try to fix problems rather than backing out of a commit.
> However, today it was not possible for me to give the problem any attention.
> Given the severity (it broke the build process), I decided to revert it so 
> that
> I could look at in piece and quiet.

I'm saying that it's not a disaster that a bug like that stays unfixed
for a day or two.  (It wasn't meant to be a criticism on your behalf.)

> When the fix to ucs-normalize has been pushed, I will verify that Emacs builds
> from scratch with my patch is installed (on multiple systems), before
> publishing it again.

Not sure what you are saying.  If you mean you want to wait for me to
push my changes, then part of them need your patch, because they
modify some of the code you added.

I can send you my changes, so you could try them before both parts are
installed, if you want.

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