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Re: Basic questions about the triage process

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Re: Basic questions about the triage process
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 12:24:55 -0800
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>>>>> Andrew Hyatt <address@hidden> writes:

> 1) How to identify the bugs to be triaged. I actually don't know the set of
> bugs you are interested in. All the open ones? Just the ones blocking emacs
> 25? If I'm using the debbugs package, what's the command I use to display
> just the set we're interested in?

There are really two sets of bugs we'd like to pay attention to:

  1. Those blocking the release of Emacs 25. Clearly, we can't release until
     this reaches zero.

  2. All the open bugs, especially the oldest ones. If they don't reproduce
     against emacs-25 anymore, we'd like to mark them closed as fixed in that

#1 is a fairly small list, so just getting more information on those bugs so
that the developers know how to proceed next is what's important.

#2 is a large list, but would help out the Emacs project by clearing out
things we don't need to pay attention to anymore.

> Also, what if it does reproduce? I guess just a reply saying that it
> reproduces? Or does it need to be tagged in some way?

A comment would be valuable, and if what you saw still matches the description
of the problem.

> Sorry, maybe there was a document that explains this all, and I missed it.
> If there's isn't such a document, I think it'd be pretty helpful.

Perhaps we do need a targeted document for on-boarding bug herders. If, while
you're learning this process, you could keep some notes on what helped you to
get started, Andrew, that could become the start of such a document.

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