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Re: Emacs Mac port

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Emacs Mac port
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 01:09:34 -0500

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  > My personal opinion is that people do not switch to MacOS but
  > rather to Apple machines which are typically better built than
  > standard Intel based machines. It is the robustness of the
  > hardware that appeals to most users, not the OS.

GNU/Linux works on those machines, so when you meet people who use
them with MacOS, how about suggesting that they install GNU/Linux?

  > To have more people switch to a GNU/Linux system, you would have
  > to find a maker that builds high quality machines for a price
  > similar to what Apple offers

It is true that that would help our cause -- true, but not useful,
since we have no control and hardly any influence over manufacturers.

Fortunately, the claim that that's the _only_ way is not true.  It
applies only to users who judge _only_ based on convenience.

Those people are many, but what they are doing is folly (c'est fou).
They are ignoring the issue of freedom and how their software
subjugates them and mistreats them.

Our overall goal is to free them from user-subjugating software
(logiciel privateur).  If we call their attention to this issue, some
of them will be disgusted with what they have accepted until now,
and some of them will change.

I suggest showing people fsf.org/tedx,
(..fr.html is the French translation), and http://gnu.org/proprietary.

You can help spread this issue by making your own decisions based
on freedom, and showing your friends and associates that you do.

David Kastrup said it very well:

  > It's the "Open Source movement" which thinks it can "win" on those
  > terms.  But you don't "fight" an empire by waiting until it
  > self-destructs before starting recruitment.  We will not beat Apple at
  > their game.  We can just offer a good way forward for those willing to
  > quit Apple's game.  And what we can offer these days requires much less
  > determination to choose than it did at one time.

Dr Richard Stallman
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