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Re: OS X: Change default key bindings of CMD and ALT

From: John Wiegley
Subject: Re: OS X: Change default key bindings of CMD and ALT
Date: Thu, 31 Dec 2015 08:02:41 -0800
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>>>>> Adrian B Robert <address@hidden> writes:

> With a US keyboard layout, the Alt/Opt key is not used for typing
> alphanumeric characters or common symbols. At least speaking for myself, I
> use many other apps besides Emacs on the Mac, and in those my fingers are
> all well-trained to use the standard system command-key shortcuts. And my
> fingers are also well-trained to use Alt/Opt to access meta from long use of
> Emacs on Linux and other platforms. So it's hard to switch this just when
> using Emacs on the Mac. Thus, if this change is made, I would advocate for
> it to be a customization toggle, perhaps even in the Options menu, that is
> easy to switch back.

> In any case, I think it's a pretty big default change, that at least
> deserves more than a couple of days warning / discussion.

As this behavior has been "out in the wild" now, I'm thinking we should rather
preserve this default in both Mac build variants, with a note how to switch to
the pattern being recommend in this thread. The default would then be kept as
it is.

Since there are people in both camps (i.e., people who will configure Emacs to
the other pattern no matter what we do), it's hard to argue that one should
necessarily be the default over the other.

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