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Re: Errors in redisplay in eww

From: Ivan Shmakov
Subject: Re: Errors in redisplay in eww
Date: Sat, 02 Jan 2016 23:40:18 +0000
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>>>>> Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:
>>>>> From: Ivan Shmakov  Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 14:00:43 +0000

 >>> The face is (nil (:background "#ffffff")), and the problem happens
 >>> when we try to merge its car (which is nil, not a valid face).

 >> If I’m reading the code correctly, the 'face property value is set
 >> to either a font or the value returned by the shr-face-background
 >> function, /or/ the value passed to shr-add-font is prepended to the
 >> current face list.  Could you please try doing, say,
 >> trace-function-background on these two functions and see if the
 >> former ever returns anything suspicious (like the list above; and
 >> for what inputs), or if the latter is ever called with a nil TYPE
 >> argument?

 > The contents of the trace buffer is below.  Does this reveal anything
 > interesting?

        I see nothing suspicious there, alas.  I have also tried
        rendering the HTML code of said Web page with a just built Emacs
        (c988877f), but see no nils in the resulting 'face lists.

        FWIW, the shr-face-background function uses consp where I guess
        face-list-p would be more appropriate.  Still, I see no way it
        could be related to the issue described.

  1796  (defun shr-face-background (face)
  1797    (and (consp face)
  1798         (let ((background nil))
  1799           (dolist (elem face)


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