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Re: Guidelines for the "symbol" syntax class

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Guidelines for the "symbol" syntax class
Date: Sun, 03 Jan 2016 21:56:43 -0500
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> In c++-mode, `std::cout' is two separate symbols, so I'm going to follow
> that model.

>> A::B is the qualified name of a symbol

> Yes, and methods have qualified names like A::B#foo or A::B.bar, but we
> don't make `#' or `.' symbol constituents.

Right, I think in general you'll be better off to err on the side of
having Emacs symbols be "too short" (and hence having to grow them by
combining Emacs symbols with surrounding chars or surrounding Emacs
symbols) rather than having Emacs symbols be "too long" (and hence
having to parse the inside of symbols rather than treat them as "atomic"


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