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merge from emacs-25 to master lost a line

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: merge from emacs-25 to master lost a line
Date: Mon, 4 Jan 2016 17:43:06 -0800
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The recent merge from emacs-25 to master lost the attached one-line spelling fix for test/automated/url-parse-tests.el that was originally installed in emacs-25 commit c9dfe5121cb31aa1e8cf352e5088940fc5dd7106 dated 2015-12-26. This fix was lost even though the commit and change is listed in the master branch now. I fixed the problem in master as part of commit 61e83e902b388490b609677a76f3d49740439f24 dated 2016-01-04.

Although this particular bug is both minor and fixed now, I worry that there may be similar problems elsewhere.

I suspect the problem arose due to the big renaming of tests in commit 22bbf7ca22f11cc33d887d0162cf2ec6661c3a3e dated 2015-11-23, which renamed a bunch of test files, e.g., from test/automated/url-util-tests.el to test/lisp/url/url-util-tests.el. It looks like this renaming means that if emacs-25 adds a test (under the old naming scheme) and then later changes the test (also under the old naming scheme), the later change will be lost when be merging to master.

If my analysis is correct, I suggest two things:

* First, when merging to master we have to be careful about the renamed tests. I suppose somone (I hope it's not me) could go through all the emacs-25 changes to tests renamed in master, and check that the changes are properly merged to master.

* Second, to help avoid this problem in the future we should avoid making wholesale renames to master right now. They're not worth the hassle. That is, it's OK to add stuff to master, but let's not rename files in master unless we really need to.

Some nearby problems in master (don't know if they're related): Commits 8dea6fe5b5bc2936b046e799ea61afc508e28752 and b792ecea1715e080ad8e232d3d154b8a25d2edfb (both dated 2015-12-26) both have commit logs mentioning test/lisp/url/url-parse-tests.el, but neither in fact changes that file. Commit 1dee11d874de5ff3d5634e1629054c4398b27b72 (also dated 2015-12-26) creates the file without the spelling fix.

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