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Re: Can we not introduce frivolous indentation change to define-minor-mo

From: Leo Liu
Subject: Re: Can we not introduce frivolous indentation change to define-minor-mode?
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2016 02:49:34 +0800
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On 2016-01-07 09:58 -0800, John Wiegley wrote:
>> I'm sorry, but the practice of unilaterally reverting commits of others
>> seems unkind to me. I think we should refrain from making changes which are
>> under dispute, where the parties have not yet reached an agreement. Doing so
>> causes aggravation and animosity we'd better without.
>> John, WDYT?
> 100% agreement.

No disagreement here.

I don't intend to appear unkind or anything like that. I hope my message
doesn't suggest that.

I have weighted on the comments provided and taken the action
accordingly based on the fact that it is an incompatible change and
controversial on a few points.


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