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Re: New iteration on the Emacs homepage

From: Nicolas Petton
Subject: Re: New iteration on the Emacs homepage
Date: Fri, 08 Jan 2016 13:20:58 +0100
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Brian Burns <address@hidden> writes:

> One thing that might help draw people in is screenshots - they're quicker
> to grok than reading text - maybe the first half-screenshot could be a full
> one on a carousel, and the user could click through different ones
> emphasizing all the interesting aspects of Emacs with a brief blurb of text
> underneath? I like the look and size of that initial half-screenshot - it's
> very readable.

That would be great, but I'm not sure what screenshots we should put
in it.

> And it would be great to have a little bit about upcoming new features in
> Emacs 25, so readers will know what's being worked on - just a list with
> some bullet points.

Could be a good idea :)

> Thanks again for working on this - if you need help in working on it I'd
> certainly be willing to help out - maybe you could put it on GitHub and
> take issues and pull requests? I could take a stab at a screenshot
> carousel, if that would be good to have.

Done, you can access it there:

It also includes some svg and xcf files as well as my work on the ELPA


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