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Re: A proposal for removing obsolete packages

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: A proposal for removing obsolete packages
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 16:49:55 -0500

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  > >   > For example, a package that is declared obsolete during the 
  > >   > of Emacs 25 would be moved to obsolete, and a message would be added 
  > >   > say that "<package> is obsolete and will be removed in Emacs 27". It
  > >   > couldn't be removed in Emacs 26 because it didn't start Emacs 25 in
  > >   > obsolete.
  > >
  > > I agree.  But we should not be rigit about deleting it in Emacs 27,
  > > either.  Depending on how the feature is used, we might want to save
  > > it longer.  Features used in Lisp code may need to remain longer.

  > Could we instead not move things into obsolete if we didn't think they
  > were removable?

Moving them to 'obsolete' would be done at the first step, according to
that proposal.  The question I am raising is when to delete them entirely.

  > Also, can you give an example of something that is obsolete but
  > shouldn't be removed?  That might help me understand your concern.

defadvice might be a good example.

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