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Re: [PATCH] Override Windows default Win-* key combinations when using E

From: Jussi Lahdenniemi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Override Windows default Win-* key combinations when using Emacs
Date: Wed, 13 Jan 2016 13:28:22 +0200
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On 13.1.2016 11.16, I wrote:
By the way, now that I tried running Emacs on Win98 and Win2k I noticed
that the commit 7afa4f300 by you in August seems to break compatibility
with these old operating systems by linking to the function
_resetstkoflw in msvcrt.dll. The function was apparently introduced in
version 7.0 of msvcrt.dll, while Win2k still ships with version 6.1.

And, even after removing the call to _resetstkoflw, an attempt to run Emacs on Windows 98 (with or without my modifications, master branch or the emacs-25 branch) results in an immediate crash, with the message "Wrong type argument: stringp, #<EMACS BUG: INVALID DATATYPE (MISC 0xde84) Save your buffers immediately and please report this bug>"; the hex tag value varies.

This is not due to my build environment; emacs-24.5 built from the sources runs fine.

Getting back to the original issue: I verified that my code works on Win2000. Unfortunately, I was not able to install NT4 on a VM, so I cannot verify the code on that.

Jussi Lahdenniemi

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