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Re: htmlize/Hrvoje Niksic

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: htmlize/Hrvoje Niksic
Date: Fri, 15 Jan 2016 21:53:52 +0000
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 > Out of interest, was there a particular reson or feature which led you
 > to use htmlize rather than htmlfontify (which has been merged for a
 > while)?

 > [ I am curious as I wrote htmlfontify, which can already choose the colours
 >   emacs would use for a different display class, which sounds similar to
 >   what you are describing here ]

Good question.

So, first, I didn't know about htmlfontify (or rather I didn't know what
it did, even though I changed it recently!). I found out about it a
couple of days ago on Emacs wiki, and was thinking of seeing whether it
would serve.

The second reason is that org-mode uses htmlize, and it was for use
within org-mode that I am interested. I don't know why it does this, esp
given that htmlfontify is available.

A quick investigation of htmlfontify suggests that it is missing two
features. I need to be able to publish using inline fonts, and not CSS
-- I need to produce HTML snippets that I am embedding in a page that I
don't control. And, in term of org-mode, it uses htmlize-region, which
at first glance htmlfontify lacks an equivalent for.

The display class feature you describe would be useful: at the moment,
running Emacs in batch generates the terminal fonts in html. But I'd
also like to be able to say "this face is this colour, this face is
that, and every other face just ignore". This is for when I am
generating HTML to embed in a page I do not otherwise control, with a
white background (I use dark).


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