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Re: Merging the xwidget branch

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: Merging the xwidget branch
Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 17:39:10 +0200

> From: address@hidden
> Cc: address@hidden
> Date: Mon, 18 Jan 2016 08:28:58 +0100
> >> Could you help with applying the patch, or otherwise state how we should 
> >> proceed?
> >
> > What kind of help do you need with the patch?  If it applies cleanly
> > to the emacs-25 branch, just apply it, make sure you write a good
> > commit log message that describes the changes, and push.
> >
> > If anything else is needed, please tell.
> I'm not familiar enough with the new commit log conventions.
> I'm supposed to write a commit log entry rather than changelog entries
> right?

Yes.  But the conventions for formatting the commit log are almost the
same as for ChangeLog entries.  So this shouldn't be very different
from what you already knew.

> * NEWS
> ** Xwidgets : A new feature for embedding native widgets
> inside Emacs buffers. If you have gtk3 and webkit-devel installed,
> you can try the embedded webkit browser with m-x xwidget-webkit-browse-url.

For a significant feature such as this one, the NEWS entry should
mention the main variables/functions/commands provided by the feature.

> * lisp/Changelog
> #+BEGIN_SRC change-log
> 2015-02-01  Grégoire Jadi  <address@hidden>
>       * xwidget.el: Improvements to the Xwidget feature.

No need to say anything about a new file except that it's new.

>         Various improvements to the Xwidget feature.
>       * xwidgets.c:

Likewise here.

>         * emacsgtkfixed.c:
> 2015-02-01  Joakim Verona  <address@hidden>
>       New files for xwidgets:
>       * xwidget.c, xwidget.h:
>       Support for the new Xwidget feature.
>       * window.c, Makefile.in, buffer.c, dispextern.h, dispnew.c, emacs.c:
>       * emacsgtkfixed.c, emacsgtkfixed.h, keyboard.c, lisp.h, print.c:
>       * termhooks.h, window.c, xdisp.c, xterm.c
> * Changelog
> #+BEGIN_SRC change-log
> 2015-02-01  Joakim Verona  <address@hidden>
>       Support for the new Xwidget feature.
>       * configure.ac:

These, however, need to mention the functions where you made changes,
at least.  (You can invoke "C-x 4 a" from a buffer that visits the
diffs, which should avoid manual work to come up with the list of the


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