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Emacs-25 and ELPA

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Emacs-25 and ELPA
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2016 22:22:46 +0000
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Do we have any facilities for testing of (all) ELPA packages with a new
Emacs release?

I've just done a very quick check and some of the packages appear not to

wisi, for example, won't install:

package--check-signature-content: Failed to verify signature:
file-error, "Writing to process", "Bad file descriptor", #<process epg>

While yasnippet breaks with basic functionality -- M-x yas-global-mode

yas-define-snippets-1: Wrong type argument: integerp, nil
Mark set

Do ELPA bugs get reported to the Emacs bug reporter?


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