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Re: tags-loop-continue

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: tags-loop-continue
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2016 07:59:11 +0300
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On 01/20/2016 02:19 PM, Eli Zaretskii wrote:

My other problem is with the "disappearing *xref* buffer" phenomenon:
it is too easy to lose it, and not so easy to get it back.  With 'A'
(dired-do-find-regexp) it's enough to type RET on a line in the *xref*
buffer in order to have its window deleted; the only way to get it
back AFAICT is to manually switch to that buffer, which means the user
must remember its name.

Or repeat the search. After the repeating it enough times, the user might start to remember the name of the buffer.

You cannot continue the search without
switching back to *xref* first.

You mean with `next-error'? When so, it's simply a bug in next-error.

So I think RET should not delete the
window in this case.  Maybe it should never delete the window, in
other users of xref, I'm not sure.  At least in this case, unlike with
xref-find-definition, it is much more probable that the user _will_
want to go to the next match, so it makes less sense IMO to delete the

Let's say I agree. What shall we do with xref-find-definitions? Should the user understand somehow that in this case RET won't bury the buffer, and in xref-find-definitions' case, it wont?

I suppose we could provide a separate key (`a'?) that would do what RET does now.

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