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XWidget/WebKit: Getting Web Content From Webkit To Emacs

From: raman
Subject: XWidget/WebKit: Getting Web Content From Webkit To Emacs
Date: Sat, 23 Jan 2016 13:14:02 -0800

Now that we have XWidget/Webkit --- I was wondering what it would take
to get content from Webkit into Emacs --- this time in the form of
"real content" rather than "What You See Is All You Have Content".

Some Thoughts:

1. Would it be possible to get the DOM (as an html DOM a la EWW) from
Webkit? That would give us content that Emacs ordinarily cannot get --
e.g. content generated through script evaluation.

2. Ability to send events / scripts from Emacs to WebKit -- I see that
some of this might already be possible from looking at the code in
xwidget.el. It's not clear how Emacs can get at structured content
returned by JS.

3. Function xwidget-webkit-copy-selection-as-kill will hopefully let
me get the rendered text contents into the kill ring -- but how do I
select the contents of a webkit buffer (without using a mouse)?



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