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Re: xref and displaying locations in appropriate window or frame

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: xref and displaying locations in appropriate window or frame
Date: Wed, 27 Jan 2016 19:08:44 +0100

> I see. But that's an interesting comparison, because *completions*
> only seems to use display-buffer-at-bottom when you're typing in the
> minibuffer, but not when completion occurs in a file buffer. So It's
> only used when *completions* would appear above the place you're
> currently looking at.

Juri's intention was to put it right above the minibuffer.  But I
proposed ‘display-buffer-at-bottom’ to you only because it already is
in window.el.  You can always write your own ‘display-buffer’ action
function and put it into xref.el or, if it's of more common use, into
window.el.  This way you can avoid all limitations.

Just that when you display the target buffer, its window's size should
somehow correspond to the expectations of the user.  That's why in a
split I would always try to make it as large as the original window.

> IIRC, Intellij IDEA has added the capability to do side-by-side
> splits, but they're not used by most users, and you can't split the
> view window area anyway (and we can!).

I hardly ever played around with IDEs so I wouldn't know.

>>  > Thus, a file search output will be just as wide, and one can't really
>>  > do better that display it in a full-width window as well at the
>>  > bottom. I'd say that would show too few lines, when my font of choice
>>  > is used, but the IDEs seem to handle it fine somehow with their
>>  > defaults.
>> Yes.  Do you see any problems with that?
> IIUC, in Emacs it would require me to lower the font size to function
> adequately, and that would negatively impact readability.

Why can't you increase the window height?


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