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Re: [Emacs-diffs] emacs-25 b6d6304: Comment on last change to define-der

From: Oleh Krehel
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] emacs-25 b6d6304: Comment on last change to define-derived-mode
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2016 09:19:25 +0100
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Leo Liu <address@hidden> writes:

> On 2016-03-01 09:24 -0500, Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> That should at least give one example where adding (indent 3) hurts.
> define-derived-mode is available since at least emacs 22.1 without any
> (indent N) settings. I think maybe it is better to think in the other
> direction that is what does (indent 3) bring to the table? is it worth
> breaking 10 years of practice? Personally I have code that looks like
> this:
>  (define-derived-mode lcnt-mode special-mode nil :abbrev-table nil
>    ...)

This is a wrong kind of code in my opinion. There is value in all code
looking the same and feeling immediately right to every programmer.  If
in 95% of cases `define-derived-mode' already looks like it is (indent
3), why not make that "the official look" and nudge the remaining 5%
(i.e. you) into conforming.

This is the kind of thought that I've put in to making that commit. I
actually examined all instances of indentation in core and MELPA.

Unfortunately, we have a person that puts his own fancies ahead of the
better style for everyone. And has the audacity to revert commits just
because his little bit of code doesn't look right.


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