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Re: How to get advised function name form inside of the advice

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: How to get advised function name form inside of the advice
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2016 23:22:08 -0500
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> (defun tt-add (fun &rest args)
>   (message "running advice for: %s" how_to_get_tt_name_here_)
>   (apply fun args))
> (advice-add 'tt :around 'tt-add)

> I think my use case is a good reason to have such a feature.  Otherwise
> one would need a macro to define separate advice function per advice
> or pass a closure as an advice. Both ways are overkill for such
> a basic requirement.

I'm not sure I understand the details of the use case.  I can see two

- this tt-add advice is only used for `tt`, in which case it might be OK
  for the the message to emit "tt-add" rather then "tt".
  For that it would be desirable to have some kind of `current-defun-name`
  macro, which could be useful more generally (not only for advices).

- this tt-add advice is used on several functions.  In that
  case the effort of writing something like

    (defun tt-add (name fun &rest args)
      (message "running advice for: %s" name)
      (apply fun args))
    (dolist (f '(tt tt2 tt3 tt4))
      (advice-add f :around (apply-partially #'tt-add f)))

  isn't that terrible.

This said, if you're motivated enough, it should be possible to write
a `current-advised-function-name` function, using the same kind of
implementation hack as called-interactively-p (i.e. walking up the
backtrace) and with similar limitations.


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