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Re: [Emacs-diffs] comment-cache 223d16f 2/3: Apply `comment-depth' text

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] comment-cache 223d16f 2/3: Apply `comment-depth' text properties when calling `back_comment'.
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 2016 08:42:46 +0100

> 24.2 is 8% faster with -O2, 25% faster with -Og, and 3x faster with -O0.
> I suppose we could spend some time trying to make these go
> faster when compiling with -O0, but I think our time is better spent
> asking developers to use -Og, or to use -O0 more selectively.

I'd really appreciate some guidelines on this.  My restrictions are two:

(1) Rebuilding Emacs for the sake of debugging a particular problem is
in general _not_ an option because it takes almost 1/2 an hour here (and
another 1/2 hour to go back to the previous version).

(2) Maintaining separate -O0 and -O2 builds is no real option either.
I've done that in the past for master only but I never started to do
that for the release or other branches because it gets confusing and the
overhead is not negligible either.  On GNU/Linux I already produce
separate builds for Gtk, Motif, Lucid, no-toolkit and GNUStep for both
master and release plus an -O3 optimized Gtk build.

Currently, I've started using '-O2 -g3 -gdwarf-2' throughout but if
people think that -Og or any other option is preferable, I shall do so
(I think that I can live with a C-mode slowdown of 25%).


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