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Re: Advicing select-windows, shr rendering, and per-buffer-theme package

From: Iñigo Serna
Subject: Re: Advicing select-windows, shr rendering, and per-buffer-theme package
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 23:13:12 +0100
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raman <address@hidden> writes:

> Yes, the idle-timer solution worked surprisingly well which at least to
> me was counter-intuitive --- guess I dont understand Emacs' internals
> well enough. So what is it that led folk like yourself and John to
> intuitively suggest idle timers for this case?

I've been experimenting with idle-timer and I must agree, it is very
easy to implement and works *surprisingly* well.
Even so, that I've left it as the default method to check buffer and
theme in my package.

> Places where the afore-mentioned hook fires where you wouldn't expect it
> to bsed on the doc-string:
> A. While transitioning through the minibuffer 
> B. When you have completions come and go as you interact with the
> minibuffer 
> C. shr/eww as the earlier poster pointed out 
> D. and many more cases that will fit this margin.

In my case, C was the main headache when switching to eww/shr-based
buffers. Looks like 25.x shr use lots of temporary buffers for its
rendering tasks.

Then A and B (using helm here) causes some "flickering" with
select-window advicing method too.
As I've mentioned in other email, perspective package also aggravated
what I saw.

Thanks again to all for your help and suggestions,
Iñigo Serna

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