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Emacs benchmarking suite

From: Dhavan Vaidya
Subject: Emacs benchmarking suite
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2016 16:23:11 +0530

Hello everyone!

This is my first every message to a mailing list so I have no idea how
this works. Pointing out mistakes is welcome, I will learn.

On the topic, Sacha interviewed Johnw recently in which he mentioned
the need of having a benchmarking/profiling system for emacs. He says
the performance has been decreasing over time.

Upon listening to this, I contacted John and showed my interest in
putting such a system in place. He happily agreed to help me with it.

During this time, I switched job and migrated to a different place.
This took 2 months for things settle back to normal.

Yesterday, I talked with John again on the subject on #emacs and he
said nothing has happened for this so far.

I am interested in this project, and would love to contribute.

There are a few issues however. First is, I have never learned any of
the Lisp language. I have just purchased SICP and going to start it.
Moreover, I have never worked with profiling systems either and know
nothing about them.

I want to learn and contribute to the dearest editor/interpreter.

Share your thoughts on this, give me guidelines and help would be much

- D Vaidya.

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