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Re: Missing changes in merges from emacs-25 to master

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: Missing changes in merges from emacs-25 to master
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 17:17:04 -0700
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On 03/21/2016 02:27 PM, John Wiegley wrote:
I think there are two possible answers:

   1. gitmerge.el auto-marked it to be skipped, and despite my examination of
      each such mark, I failed to see that should not be skipped.

   2. I incorrectly resolved a merge conflict that seemed simple enough to me
      that I didn't e-mail the author of the commit about it.

So, in both case, human error pointed at me.

I think you're right it wasn't a tool error per se (though the tools are error-prone).

Human error also points at me, since I merged the resulting bad branch against a good branch and didn't notice the issue. In an attempt to fix the problem I looked for the clump of commits near the lost one, and reinstalled them into master by applying the attached patches. (I did not look for similar clumps yet.)

There is one patch near this clump, where I wasn't sure whether it was superseded by existing patches on 'master', so I left it alone. Phillip, can you please look into this? Thanks. The patch in question is this one, and the question is whether it needs to be modified and reapplied to the master branch:

commit 549a765efeca2748e68a5c6ce6c9238784e82535
Author: Phillip Lord <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Jan 15 22:11:39 2016 +0000

    Enable test selector from command line

    * test/automated/Makefile.in: Change variable manipulation to avoid
      over-writing selector.


Attachment: 0001-etc-NEWS-Remove-unneeded-text.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0002-Fix-picture-mode-wrt-double-width-characters.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0003-Unhide-the-no-line-directive-option-to-etags.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0004-Merge-doc-fixes-for-random-lost-in-previous-merge.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0005-In-comment-dwim-with-style-extra-line-respect-indent.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0006-Ensure-positive-number-of-glyphs-for-margins-of-posi.patch
Description: Source code patch

Attachment: 0007-Don-t-confuse-with-when-trying-to-parse-member-initi.patch
Description: Source code patch

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