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Re: Removing prog-indentation-context

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: Removing prog-indentation-context
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 00:37:20 +0300
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On 03/25/2016 05:45 PM, Vitalie Spinu wrote:

I think the third element of prog-indentation-context is unlikely to be used by
major-modes anyways. Firstly due to inherent complexity of the concept, secondly
due to undefined, multi-mode specific, semantics of what to do with those

I concur.

In any case, multi-mode engines can ignore prog-indentation-context. My bet is
that they will always do so, at least because there is no reliable way to
identify modes which use it and modes which don't.

prog-indent-function would indeed be a better alternative to prog-first-column, not least because of being able to easily identify modes that support it.

prog-widen, though, would be a decent fallback, if none of the hard-widen or "islands" discussions reaches a satisfying conclusion.

In that case, we'd be saddled with (font-lock|syntax-ppss)-dont-widen, but since there's nothing a multi-mode can do when a submode widens (is there?), it would just behave the same and hope that all major modes either don't use widen at all, or switch to prog-widen.

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