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Re: [bug-report] e65c307 breaks font-height

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [bug-report] e65c307 breaks font-height
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2016 18:47:30 -0700
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On 03/29/2016 05:48 AM, Rostislav Svoboda wrote:
It looks like the semicolon in ":user-spec" causes unexpected
font-height increase.
I'm not sure if screenshots help:

Is there a problem in the e65c307 or in my emacs configuration?

It's pretty clear that the intent here (and elsewhere in Emacs) is that the C identifier 'QCuser_spec' stands for the Emacs symbol ':user-spec', not for the Emacs symbol 'user-spec'.

It is possible that the change exposed some other bug in Emacs (perhaps related to font-setting-change-default-font? perhaps you could put a breakpoint on that function and see what it's doing). Or, it's conceivable that your Emacs configuration uses 'user-spec' where it should use ':user-spec'.

thx Bost

~/dev/emacs-25 $ git show
commit e65c3079c65595d95749348366af9811fafff062
Author: Paul Eggert<address@hidden>
Date:   Sun Mar 27 15:02:37 2016 -0700

     * src/font.c (QCuser_spec): Add missing colon to :user-spec.

diff --git a/src/font.c b/src/font.c
index 5ab3b3e..2519599 100644
--- a/src/font.c
+++ b/src/font.c
@@ -5317,7 +5317,7 @@ syms_of_font (void)
    DEFSYM (Qja, "ja");
    DEFSYM (Qko, "ko");

-  DEFSYM (QCuser_spec, "user-spec");
+  DEFSYM (QCuser_spec, ":user-spec");

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