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Re: [PATCH] add emacsclient support to open with file:linum syntax

From: Kaushal Modi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] add emacsclient support to open with file:linum syntax
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2016 10:21:53 -0400

On 03/29/2016 03:35 PM, Kaushal Modi wrote:
I myself, use an awk script to rearrange the arguments to work with the current +LINE FILE format accepted by emacsclient ( Ref: https://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-devel/2016-01/msg00541.html ).
So the existing emacsclient implementation already works for you.

They are not workarounds, because grep output cannot be used unchanged. Even with the proposed option syntax, users would need to employ a script such as yours to pick out the part of the grep output that they need, and use that information to formulate arguments for emacsclient.
The longstanding +LINE option syntax is compatible with other popular free editors such as 'vim' and 'nano', and there is some value in encouraging its usage rather than reinventing the wheel.

Having this patch installed will prevent the need for such workarounds


Based on the counter arguments provided by Paul, I now tend to agree to what he says.

1. The current method (+LINE FILE and using awk to arrange stuff) has been working well for me for quite few years.
2. It makes sense to have users stick to one convention (+LINE FILE) instead of having users now split between "+LINE FILE" and "FILE:LINE".

I do not use copy/paste manually but instead make a shell alias using that awk snippet do things. So with either "+LINE FILE" or "FILE:LINE", I will need that awk script.

That said, I appreciate the effort you put in in creating this patch and this reply, by no means, is intended to discourage you from your future work (especially in C).

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