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Re: [PATCH] src/print.c: Check for __GLIBC__ rather than GNU_LINUX

From: Eli Zaretskii
Subject: Re: [PATCH] src/print.c: Check for __GLIBC__ rather than GNU_LINUX
Date: Fri, 01 Apr 2016 09:43:19 +0300

> From: Paul Eggert <address@hidden>
> Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2016 13:37:31 -0700
> Cc: Kylie McClain <address@hidden>
> I haven't installed it into 'master' yet, to give Eli a heads-up about 
> the impending change.

Thanks.  I needed the additional patch below to get the patch to
compile (how do other ports get F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC?).

After that, temacs seems to hang during loadup.  Looks like it hangs
inside the libc function 'close'.  I don't have enough free time now
to do anything serious on master.  Hopefully, someone else will be
able to look into this, find out why it hangs, and suggest a remedy.

--- src/print.c~0       2016-04-01 09:32:53.060500000 +0300
+++ src/print.c 2016-04-01 09:36:24.591750000 +0300
@@ -38,6 +38,10 @@ along with GNU Emacs.  If not, see <http
 #include <float.h>
 #include <ftoastr.h>
+#include <sys/socket.h>                /* for F_DUPFD_CLOEXEC */
 struct terminal;
 /* Avoid actual stack overflow in print.  */

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