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Re: Configuring fontsets with `unicode-fonts` [Was: Re: Should minibuffe

From: Alexis
Subject: Re: Configuring fontsets with `unicode-fonts` [Was: Re: Should minibuffer prompt be made intangible by default?]
Date: Sat, 02 Apr 2016 22:30:39 +1100
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Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> Installing fonts doesn't necessarily resolve the fontset > configuration problems, especially since no package can know > what other fonts are available on the end-user system.

Sorry, i'm not sure you understand what the `unicode-fonts` package does?

I've read the code, but that doesn't necessarily mean I didn't miss anything, of course.

However, I did read README.md as well, and upon re-reading now the text you posted, I find nothing in it that would contradict what I said.

You wrote "Installing fonts doesn't ...", and didn't write something like "Installing fonts and then configuring them using that package doesn't .... "Since `unicode-fonts` doesn't actually install fonts, i think it wasn't entirely unreasonable of me to assume that you thought that the package merely installed fonts.

My point is that, once you get to the 3rd item, no external package can be the correct answer; instead, you need to teach the user to configure his/her fontset according to his/her preferences. In particular, the fontset setup should be based not only on Unicode blocks, but also on the capabilities of the fonts present in the original system configuration, and the user's preferences for using particular font(s) for displaying particular ranges of characters.

Sure. On my system, `unicode-fonts` actually decided to use glyphs from the "Linux Biolinum" family for displaying Hebrew, which i found basically illegible. So my setup manually prioritises Ezra SIL:

(setcdr (assoc "Hebrew" unicode-fonts-block-font-mapping) '(("Ezra SIL" "Ezra SIL SR" "Arial Hebrew" "Raanana" "New Peninim MT" "Aharoni" "David" "FrankRuehl" "Gisha" "Levenim MT" "Narkisim" "Rod" "Cardo" "Courier New" "Adobe Hebrew" "Code2000" "Aramaic Imperial Yeb" "Microsoft Sans Serif" "Tahoma" "Lucida Sans Unicode" "Arial Unicode MS" "Arial" "Quivira" "Everson Mono:weight=boeld" "ALPHABETUM Unicode"))) At any rate, i've clearly misunderstood the problem - sorry! - so i'll bow out now.


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