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Re: Nextstep build uses iso-latin by default. WHY?

From: Anders Lindgren
Subject: Re: Nextstep build uses iso-latin by default. WHY?
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2016 21:59:25 +0200

> > Ps. As I have mentioned before -- anyone interested in working on the NS port is more than welcome to do so!

> I might be interested.
> What do you expect from us?

It all depends on your ambition level, of course... ;-)

To make a long story short. The maintainer before me did a very good job for a number of years. When I found out that he had retired, I took over, as I had some knowledge of the NS code base having implemented multi-monitor support and support for auto-hiding the menu bar.

Unfortunately, I don't have to time to do all of the heavy lifting myself any more. However, I have no plans to leave the Emacs world. Ideally, I would like to find a group of people interested in the NS port, this would allow us to share the work and to have people to discuss things with.

Things that is "expected" of you are:

* Fixing bugs. For example, making sure the Emacs frames are resized and placed properly in various situations, that fringe icons are rendered correctly etc.
* Eye-balling patches from other developers (like Alans locale patch)
* Make sure the NS interface support many (if not all) features Emacs expect it to have
* Add OS X-specific features (while still respecting the FSF policy that features should not only be available on non-free systems)
* Refactor and documenting the code
* Add tests (it's a good place to document corner cases and it reduces the "what breaks if I change this" anxiety)
* To learn new things and having fun doing it!

A good start is reading "nextstep/README" and the NS port wishlist found in "etc/TODO" under the heading "NeXTstep port".

    -- Anders

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